12 Minute Affiliate System review

12 Minute Affiliate System Review.

Welcome to my 12 minute affiliate system review.The goal of this website is to give you as much information about the 12 minute affiliate system by Devon Brown (see lowest price) as possible so that you can make an informed decision before buying.

Want to make money through affiliate marketing?

How about using a system that allows you to set up your affiliate marketing business in no time?

12 Minute Affiliate System ReviewIf you prefer to do that, it is a good idea to look at the 12 minute affiliate system.

The program claims that it can help you set up your affiliate marketing business in no time. The problem is that there are many such affiliate marketing systems available as well.

Seldom do they work. Hence, it is a good idea to conduct your due diligence before opting for one such system.

Today, we will help you in conducting due diligence on this system.

Our 12 minute affiliate system review will go into the nitty-gritty of this program.

Also, we will highlight every aspect of the system and also provide you with our verdict. By the end of this review, it should be easy to decide whether you should go for this program or not.

What is 12 minute affiliate system?

The 12 minute affiliate system is a system that provides you with all the resources you need to create your affiliate website.

Also, since you get a ready-made system, you need not worry about creating your own website or finding writers or other such things.

You get a business in a box, which means that you can start creating websites in no time.

The system creates websites around ClickBank products. Clickbank is a reputed affiliate marketplace. That is why in that regard there will be no problem.

Also, the program claims that it is completely beginner-friendly.

In a nutshell, it provides you with all the resources which you need to bring your affiliate marketing website to life.

Now that you are aware of its basic premise let us look at the man behind it to know more about the system.

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Who is the creator of the system?

Devon Brown is the creator of the 12 minute affiliate system.

When you go through his social media accounts, you will realise that he is not just a success-coach but also a speaker and entrepreneur.

In the past, he has spoken at many conferences as well as industry events.

That is why not only he has a wealth of knowledge, but he’s a reputed professional in the online marketing industry.

One thing which you can be sure about is that he’s a legit online marketer. When it comes to his credibility, there are no red flags.

How does this system work?

We will now go into the details of the system to help you understand how it works.

The USP of the system is that it has broken the complex affiliate marketing setup procedure down to just four simple steps.

It helps you with each step as well. We will highlight these steps to help you know how it works.

1, Clickbank account creation:

The resources which it provides revolve around ClickBank products.

That is why; the first step which you need to undertake is to sign up with clickbank.

It is super easy to do so and takes just a couple of minutes. If you already have a clickbank account, you can skip this step.

  1. Set up an account with Aweber:

For those of you who aren’t aware, Aweber is an autoresponder. You will need it to set up your email list. It guides you through setting up your autoresponder account.

3. Load autoresponder templates

The unique feature of this affiliate program is that you need not create your autoresponder emails. There are over 80 different follow-up messages which this program provides.

You have to just load them up in the autoresponder. Once you do so, your follow up emails are ready.

  1. Choosing the right funnel:

Have you ever created a sales funnel?

If yes, you would know how difficult it is.

Creating a squeeze page or a landing page and integrating it with the sales funnel is difficult. Moreover,

there are quite a few mistakes that can occur in the process.

Fortunately, this system provides you with a ready-made funnel.

There are multiple funnel options available.

You need to select the funnel that you want to use.

After that, you have to link it to your clickbank and Aweber account.

Once you do that, you’re good to go.

That’s right! That’s why it is known as the 12 minute affiliate system.

In 4 simple steps using the resources by 12 minute affiliate system, you can create your very own affiliate marketing system.

You will not have to spend days doing that. Moreover, the entire system is automated, which means that the amount of time you would spend on it is negligible.

Getting traffic:

You might be thinking, all that is great, but without traffic, you would not be able to earn anything. The best aspect of this program is that it helps you with getting traffic as well.

It provides you with two options when it comes to getting traffic for your website. These include:

  • Free traffic methods
  • Paid traffic sources

You can decide the method that you want to use. It offers you both the options.

When you go with the free ones, this will need a little effort on your part and results may take a little longer. On the other hand, the paid traffic is almost instantaneous.

It means that the system provides you with everything you need from the templates up to the traffic sources.

Such a holistic system is hard to find in the affiliate marketing industry.

What does the 12 minute affiliate system include?

As we described above, everything you need to set up your affiliate marketing business comes along with it. This includes:

  • Auto responder mailings
  • Predesigned funnels
  • List of traffic sources
  • Traffic generation techniques
  • Support access
  • Coaching options
  • Templates

With all of these resources available, there is no need to hire anyone or create anything by yourself.

That is why; this system has become so popular in a relatively short time.

Whom is 12 minute affiliate system suitable for?

Are you confused about this system?

If yes, you would be happy to know that it is suitable for almost anyone who wants to make money online.

It does not matter if you have online marketing or affiliate marketing experience or not.

Within my 12 minute affiliate system review you should have realised that the system would work for everyone willing to execute it.








You need to just execute the system. For the same, you have training videos as well, which means that you are completely spoon-fed.

In a nutshell, it is suitable for anyone willing to put a few minutes to create affiliate marketing websites using the step-by-step instructions of the system.


  • Offers numerous resources
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Reconstructed sales funnels on offer
  • Detailed instructional videos
  • Coaching option available
  • Provides you with access to numerous traffic generation methods
  • Credible creator
  • Suitable for everyone


Knowledge is a bit overwhelming at the start


So, if you’re still in 2 minds regarding the 12 minute affiliate system, we would recommend it.

The fact that it provides you with an entire business in a box helps it stand out. and the easy to follow instructions ensure that anyone can make money using this system.

The credibility of the creator further adds to its advantages. All in all, it is an affiliate marketing system that certainly outscores others.

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